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Our VIPERS are used in Key Stage 2 to support the teaching of reading. VIPERS is a mnemonic we use at school to cover the key comprehension skills that we teach as part of the National Curriculum.

We worked closely with James Parsons, a Brighton based cartoonist who had previously visited the school on a World Book Day, to design the characters. He was able to put our thoughts into pictures and drew our amazing characters! In 2021, we held a competition to name the VIPERS.

These are the winning VIPERS names: 

Vocabulary -  Violet

Inference -  Igor

Predict -  Pasher

Explain -  Ellie

Retrieve - Romeo

Summarise - Sammy

The VIPERS are displayed in all Key Stage 2 classrooms.

We use the term ‘Reading VIPERS’ to encourage children to actively think about the comprehension skills they are using when they read.