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At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, writing is a crucial part of our curriculum. All children from EYFS to Year 6 are provided with many opportunities to develop and apply their writing skills across the curriculum. We intend for our pupils to be able to plan, revise and evaluate their writing. To be able to do this effectively, pupils will focus on developing effective transcription and effective composition. They will also develop an awareness of the audience, purpose and context, and an increasingly wide knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. Pupils will be taught to control their speaking and writing consciously and to use Standard English. We also intend for pupils to leave school being able to use fluent, legible and speedy handwriting.


What do we want for our pupils?

We want our pupils to:

  • be immersed in language and use this language as a model

  • use their reading experiences to support their vocabulary choices, structure and character development

  • understand layout features required

  • be aware of the purpose of their writing

  • be aware of their audience

  • plan their writing

  • edit their writing

  • evaluate their writing and the writing of others and identify areas of strength and areas of development

  • identify features of genres and use these appropriately in their own writing

  • use ambitious and appropriate vocabulary

  • play and experiment with language freely

  • spell well

  • present their work well and with pride

  • develop a fluent and legible handwriting style.